Fall Coaching Circles

Fall Coaching Circles 



Fall Coaching Circles are Forming! 

This session's theme is Creativity.


Are you feeling like life is just the same ol' same ol'?

Would you like to feel more alive and engaged in your life?

Do you like using your imagination to solve problems?


In this fall's Coaching Circle we'll be using creativity to develop your recipe for a life that you love living.


By joining a Coaching Circle you’ll get:

  • time set aside to pay attention to your life,
  • accountability, encouragement, and support with your goals,
  • coaching tools and fresh perspectives,
  • a sense of progress and accomplishment, and
  • regular connection with others who are also improving their lives.


This is a six month small group coaching program will start in September and run through February. 


Groups are capped at 5 members so that you'll get plenty of attention.


We'll meet once a month for 90 minutes.


The investment is $99/ month. 

Here's what former members have to say about Coaching Circles:


"Being a part of the Coaching Circle has helped me make more progress on my goals than at any point in the past couple of years. It's a really supportive group, and having that support and accountability has helped me get comfortable with breaking down my goals into tiny steps, instead of getting lost in the big picture all on my own."


"I highly recommend Alison's Coaching Circles - Alison's compassionate and warm energy helps everyone feel at ease from the get-go, and she always comes prepared with an interesting lineup of activities & prompts to help you think differently. Since you'll meet every month, the coaching circle creates both accountability and time to reflect, which can be easy to forget or not make time for in regular life. It's also really cool to hear from the experiences of others in your circle - I've learned from, been inspired by, and related with each of them in different ways that helped me feel less alone in my own journey. If you're considering joining, definitely sign up!"